Recruiting, Hiring, and Outreach

EEO/AA Administrative Support

Many companies work with respected legal firms to review their employment practices and are generally aware of their organization’s compliance gaps.  Even with that knowledge, translating sound legal advice into sustainable activities within their company is often elusive.  Now that they know where they need to bolster their efforts – where do they begin? Our experienced staff is skilled at the incremental implementation of internal processes to aid our clients with these compliance measures.

We take feedback from legal counsel and work with human resources professionals and company management to develop real-world programs to address any areas of weakness.   Many times, our clients simply need an experienced EEO/AA professional to work beside their current resources to develop processes to align their daily activities with existing compliance requirements.

Applicant Tracking

Acquisition of qualified talent is the most vital part of an organization’s success.  The value of human capital, the individuals that make up a company, cannot be overstated.  Even though companies are committed to fair hiring practices, the day-to-day process of finding and hiring talent is often full of compliance landmines.

We seek to understand the existing recruiting process and integrate appropriate processes to help our clients avoid these landmines.  From application intake to screening jobseekers, and from candidate interviewing to employment offers, we help our clients build sustainable processes to document each step along the way.

Our tools are not “one size fits all." Whether they are a small employer managing the entire application process on paper, or a large employer with an online applicant tracking system, we help our clients identify gaps in their recruiting process and develop an accurate, compliant applicant tracking system.  Our clients are able to move from producing limited, often cumbersome, and potentially inaccurate applicant flow logs to logs that enable their legal counsel to run impact ratio analysis with confidence.

Diversity and Outreach Programs

Companies are often aware of the benefits of robust outreach programs, and value diversity in the working environment.  We work with companies to stay abreast of best practices in the field of diversity recruiting, .  We help our clients to build and implement a successful outreach program which integrates with their existing recruiting processes while meeting federal contract requirements.

More than just sending out job notifications to diversity networks, federal contractors must be able to demonstrate their efforts meet certain hiring goals with minorities and women.  Although notifying diversity networks is a vital part of this process, it is just the first step.  In order for the outreach program to fully benefit employers who value a diverse employee base, outreach practices must be much more robust.

We ensure our client’s outreach efforts align with the organization’s talent goals.  We identify and target specific diversity organizations whose contact base compliment the organization’s needs.  Further, we help our clients install a system to document outreach efforts, filter referrals to the applicant tracking system, and produce reports to show the efficacy of their program. We provide hands-on training to human resources personnel on how to develop relationships with diversity sources that result in the onboarding of qualified talented into their company.

Many companies have existing recruiting programs such as college recruiting, high school summer hiring and more; therefore, we provide tools to our clients to integrate all of these efforts into a single portal.

Rather than having a separate tracking method for each effort– our clients are able to see at glance upcoming recruiting events, interested candidates, associated costs, and which company representatives are the lead for each of these efforts.  The result:  our clients have meaningful information rather than a hodge-podge of spreadsheets and documents to show for their outreach investment.

Employee Referral Program Implementation

The benefits of employee referrals are well known – referred employees perform well, integrate quickly and stay longer.  Our clients engage us to help build referral programs that integrate with their existing applicant tracking process to ensure fairness.

For federal contractors, employee referrals programs that are not appropriately monitored and routinely audited may open the door for discrimination claims.  We provide our clients with a system to ensure employees from all backgrounds are engaged and encouraged to make referrals.

In addition, we will review the client’s existing recruiting processes and systems to ensure referred candidates are appropriately reviewed and tracked within a compliant applicant tracking system.

Our clients experience an increase in the quality of employee referrals, an increase in the diversity of referrals, and the ability to track referrals through the hiring lifecycle and are able to produce robust reports, providing valuable into insight into the program.