Hiring Fair Support

Whether a company has just been awarded a new project or is experiencing unprecedented growth, time is of the essence to seize the opportunity and meet their obligations.  Onboarding talent from multiple disciplines in a short period of time is an extraordinarily stressful endeavor for many organizations.  In many companies, the existing staff is tasked with recruiting hundreds of talented professionals, often in just a few weeks, in addition to their existing responsibilities.

We are experienced with providing full-service talent acquisition support from pre-screening to onboarding support at both our client’s location or at conference facility.

This is not your average job fair.  With pressure mounting and project deadlines looming, traditional fairs where jobseekers wander aimlessly and drop off resume s is not the most effective use of the limited time available to management in filling positions.  Working with a company's recruiting and management teams, we assess candidates in advance of the fair, communicates directly with candidates to coordinate scheduling, organizes specific-timed interview slots with hiring authorities, and use a proprietary method to track each candidate through the entire face-to-face screening, ensuring compliance.

Our interviewing and onboarding fairs include:

  • Orientation for client's staff and other stakeholders
  • Responsibility identification and delegation
  • Venue selection and management
  • Layout and flow of facility activities
  • Candidate registration and badging
  • Personalized interview roster and related forms for all hiring authorities.

Our interviewing/hiring fairs are specifically designed to result in contingent offers being made onsite by conducting thorough candidate vetting, utilizing cascading interviews, and ensuring that decision makers, pre-screening forms, and benefit information is on hand.

By streamlining and administering the various interviewing/hiring activities into an intense burst of effort from all parties, our team has helped our clients keep their commitments and achieve their staffing goals, all while remaining fully compliant.