Direct Placement

Recruiting Support

We provide our clients with direct placement candidates to meet their organization’s needs throughout the United States.

Our team has over 25 years of experience in developing robust recruitment strategies for federal contractors who must fill technically complex positions. often with stringent background checking requirements, while ensuring adherence to all applicable compliance regulations.  Skilled in behavioral interviewing techniques, social media recruiting, internet sourcing, and diversity recruiting, our team is prepared to directly source hard-to-fill positions.

We have developed strategic partnerships with some of the country’s top specialized recruiters and recruiting firms, enhancing our ability to support our clients’ ever changing needs to find candidates for even the most difficult of positions to fill.  These partnerships add value, without any additional charge to our clients; in short, our network enables us to produce excellent results in less time with great value.

We recognize the importance of maintaining detailed records to assist clients in meeting specific requirements associated with the recruiting process.  We have developed a proprietary system that allows us to track and retrieve client requests, candidate credentials, and related notes at the push of a button, enabling us to provide our clients with the best candidates available.

Our Placement Process

We have established strong and rewarding relationships with well-known companies, including federal contractors, throughout the United States.  These relationships have given us a unique opportunity to learn about and understand our clients’ services, challenges, and value proposition.  Because of that knowledge, our clients routinely request our assistance in sourcing qualified talent for many of their hard-to-fill opportunities. We consider it a great honor to be trusted by our clients to provide the talent required to grow their organizations.  With that in mind, we take our role in sourcing and screening candidates very seriously.    We are always looking for great candidates, any encourage anyone to consider submitting their credentials for consideration to one of these opportunities.

Modern professionals take their careers seriously – so we won’t recommend anyone for a role that isn’t a fit for their education, background, and interests.  While some headhunting firms will seek to “sell” you on an opportunity that isn’t right just to close a deal, we simply don’t believe that’s good business.  This means that it could take us longer to find the right fit, but when we do – both the candidate and employer benefit from the mutually beneficial experience.

Our recruiting team has personally visited each employer and has well established relationships with executive and operations management at each company we support.  This means that we are able to give you the real deal about the environment, the people, and even tell you if there is a coffee shop on the way in to the office.  We do this because it matters.

We recognize that a job search can be nerve-racking experience for even the most talented of job seekers – adding a “headhunter” to the search can increase the anxiety further.  That’s why your resume is safe with us.  We won’t share any candidate’s resume with any employer without first speaking to them about the opportunity.  It’s just the right thing to do.  And we will give our candidates as much information as possible about the opportunity including compensation, general location, travel requirements and the culture of the company.  We won’t present a candidate to one of our clients until they comfortable that they would like to go further in the consideration process.

If you are interested in being one of our valuable candidates, please view our current opportunities here.