Augmented Recruiting Staff

Whether our client is a federal contractor, or operates in another sector, many of our clients experience project based and peak hiring seasons.  In some instances, utilizing staffing and temp services are a viable option; however. at other times, this option may simply be too costly.  That’s when clients request our services.  We provide a part-time or full-time Recruiting Consultant to work side by side with the existing recruiting and management team to screen, interview and onboard the talent they need for a particular project.

Our Recruiting Consultants are experienced with project based and federal contract work.  Adhering to compliant recruiting processes comes naturally for our Recruiting Consultants, so no training is required to bring our team members up to speed in this area.  We know the importance of documenting recruiting sources and tracking candidates throughout the entire consideration process.  Once our Consultants are set up in the client environment, they are able to fully focus on the necessary recruiting activities.  Plus, experience with a variety of Applicant Tracking Systems means we are often able to use our client’s software at an advanced level to identify the most qualified candidates.  All this means more time is spent getting the right people onboard.

Whether working remotely, at a corporate office, or a jobsite work trailer – our Recruiting Consultants become a vital part of your recruiting team.  In fact, our clients appreciate that our Recruiting Consultants understand their organization’s recruiting challenges, bring new ideas and methods to the table, and maximize all possibilities to locate the right talent.