Companies and their human resources departments know what to do.  HR managers spend countless hours reading regulations, researching best practices, and developing policies to remain compliant.  While they may be working with experienced labor law attorneys and using other resources, many companies are simply unable to translate the knowledge of what they need to be doing into real, every-day actions for their personnel.

That’s where M.D. Thomas & Associates comes in.   Our clients trust us to translate complex DOL regulations into tangible daily actions, particularly relating to compliant hiring and outreach.  We provide EEO/AA Administrative Support, Conciliation Agreement Administrative Support, Direct Placement Sourcing, Augmented Recruiting Staff, and Interviewing/Hiring Fair Administration, primarily working with federal contractors.

Our team of certified EEO/AA specialists and recruiting consultants have over 50 years of combined experience working with human resources professionals, legal counsel, and operations managers to align employment activities and talent needs with company goals and local, state, and federal employment law, as well as any other applicable regulations.

Our organization’s primary focus is supporting the human resources departments of federal contractors with the hands-on implementation of systems and processes that work within their company’s unique structure.  Every business is different; there is no one-size-fits-all procedure, process, or template that works for everyone.  By integrating on a daily level with our clients, we learn what makes sense for their business.  We consider factors such as company size, human resources department size, and management engagement.  We are committed to bringing value to our clients by learning their business and developing solutions that fit.

Conciliation Agreement Support
We partner and integrate with our client's team members responsible for the daily execution of tasks to administer to the CA to assist with successful navigation of CA requirements.
Direct Placement
We provide our clients with direct placement candidates to meet their organization’s needs throughout the United States.
Recruiting, Hiring, & Outreach
We work with our client's legal counsel, human resources professionals, and company management to develop real-world solutions to address compliance gaps.